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We bring over 45 years of aviation and photography experience to the fast-evolving field of Unmanned Aerial Systems. Our team is trained with a dynamic array of skills in Aerial Data Collection, GIS and UAS operations.

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SkyVision has over 10,000 accident free flight hours

Founded by a team of former Army Black Hawk pilots, SkyVision provides professional aerial drone photography and 4K video services. SkyVision specializes in creating aerial photography and 4K video for projects like assessment imagery, aerial surveying, construction site progress, infrastructure inspections, insurance claims and rapid emergency response imaging.

Appraisal Imaging

Low altitude waterfront, oblique, and close proximity appraisal imaging

Assessment Maps

Large area, on-demand custom assessment maps

Infrastructure Inspections

Imaging for one-time and recurrent required structure inspections

Aerial Surveying

Land survey products using UAS equipment and GIS trained staff


Proven Results

High-resolution parcel imagery with fast deliverables


Experienced & Licensed sUAS Operators

FAA licensed, Part 107 compliant and fully insured



1/5 the cost & exponentially higher quality than conventional aerial imagery

Geospatial Information Services

Aerial Survey, Land Development, Elevation Models, Digital Surface Models, Mapping and 3D modeling can be done quickly and cost-effectively with our aircraft and GIS trained personnel.

Appraisal Imagery

We capture low altitude imagery including waterfront facade and under tree canopy for actionable data for Appraisal Districts.


We provide live-feed video products and imagery for cell-phone towers, bridges and other hard to reach or unsafe structures with high margins of safety and accuracy.

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Marc Cohen
Co-Founder & Business Manager

I love flying! I started when I was 15 and enjoy being up in the air every day. I’m a commercial pilot, flight instructor and former Army Blackhawk Pilot. I’m a Co-Founder at Skyvision, where we have a passion for mixing our aviation skills with taking professional aerial pictures. With 20 years and thousands of flight hours, plus a background in construction, search and recovery and operational planning I can provide a wide array of expertise across many fields.

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